• Migrating from BlogEngine to GitHub Pages: Fixing the links

    In this episode of our little series on migration we are having a look at the URL structure of Jekyll and some of the less visible stuff that was associated with the old ntSystems.

  • Introducing: TAK

    Over the years I did create, find, copy, paste, quite a few lines of PowerShell code. Some of which I’m turning into re-usable functions and collecting in a module, creatively called “Tom’s Admin Kit” or TAK. I hope you find it useful. I try to credit the sources for the stuff that I just copied off of the interwebs, even though I don’t actually remember all of them.

  • AzureStack POC TP2 on VMware

    I’ve been trying to make the Azure Stack Proof-of-Concept (Preview 2) run on VMware and here is what I found.

  • Migrating from BlogEngine to GitHub Pages: BlogML to Markdown

    As promised here, I’m sharing the first part of our migration process from BlogEngine to GitHub Pages. A major part is, obviously, the migration of the content of the blog itself.

  • Welcome to our new blog!

    This site has been running on Azure Web Sites for some time. As we are doing this for fun and are not making any money with the site (see any ad?) we had to use the “Shared” pricing tier which was economically acceptable but from a performance and feature point-of-view, well, not great. We used Cloudflare to get some caching and enable stuff like https and IPv6 for the site and it was OK :) Then came…

  • PowerShell on macOS

    Just sharing some quick notes on how to run PowerShell (and dotnet core) on macOS Sierra.

  • Deploying Labs using Azure Resource Manager

  • Veeam direct restore to Azure

  • Lync SDN API and Cisco WLC

    Some days ago I had the chance to test Cisco’s Wireless LAN Controllers with the Lync Software Defined Networking (SDN) API.

  • Azure Backup - Part Three