Another quick and dirty edition of “lost & found”, just sharing stuff that I thought is interesting.

Open Live Writer

So this is the first post published (and written) using the open-sourced version of Live Writer. I always liked Live Writer, so I am very happy to have it back. More info at Github:


Another open source project I stumbled upon the other day is RackHD from EMC {code}. This comes a vendor independent management and orchestration solution for the datacenter. Now I know, that sounds a lot like everything and nothing but why not have a look:

VMware Embedded Host Client

This is especially awesome for the MAC users out there, as you no longer need a Windows VM to run the C# vSphere Client. So you simply install a VIB package on your ESXi (lab) servers and point your browser to https://hostname/ui to manage the host. More Info:

Installation is simple and doesn’t require a reboot.

esxcli software vib install -v /tmp/esxui-signed.vib

The same is true for removal:

esxcli software vib remove -n esx-ui

And a quick look at what you’ll get.



Heard of SQLIO? Meet it’s sequel, DiskSpd. A handy little tool that generates synthetic workload to help asses storage performance. There is a good post on TechNet going into quite a bit of detail.

Get the tool and documentation in the TechNet Gallery.


Thats all for tonight, so long


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