• ntSystemsPSDrive: a SHiPS drive for the blog

    Some time ago I wrote a post about Consuming ntSystems with PowerShell. It boils down to this: we have a json-based API that is available via and returns json elements for posts and pages on the blog. For more information check out the linked post. Then I wanted play around with the SHiPS module for some time and finally got around to doing it this past weekend. Now I’m happy to be sharing another method do consume ntSystems with PowerShell: It can be mounted as PSDrive.

  • Powershell Script to enable specific Office 365 Service

    Currently I’m in an Exchange Migration project to migrate all mailboxes from Exchange onPremise to Exchange Online. Yeah.. of course.. killing Exchange onPrem… again :)

  • Windows Server 2019 and RADIUS

    First of all, happy new year :) Today we will have a quick look at Windows Server 2019, more specifically the Network Policy Server role.

  • Sending events to Splunk's HTTP Event Collector with PowerShell

    Using Invoke-RestMethod to send events to a Splunk instance.

  • lost & found: FFmpeg and Skype4B, Security Baseline for RS5

    A quick edition of lost & found on how to use FFmpeg on WSL to create audio files that can be used for Skype for Business announcements. And an observation about the recently published security baseline for Windows 10 1809 and Server 2019.

  • Remote EMS over IPMI serial-over-lan

    Using standards-based IPMI to get some sort of out-of-band management for AudioCodes’ embedded server modules.

  • Network assessment with policy-based QoS and iperf3

    In Skype for Business and, more recently, Teams deployments, a solid network and a good knowledge of it are fundamentally important.

  • Exchange Hybrid Observations

    Like I did here with Skype for Business, I’m collecting some observations and useful snippets about Exchange in hybrid environments.

  • lost & found: Updates and no more tracking on

    I’ve recently updated the sources of the blog and moved to the gem-based version of the minima theme. This should make the site easier to maintain in the future.

  • Azure Functions: Building a Telegram Bot with PowerShell 2

    Welcome back to the second part of our little fun experiment with Telegram and Azure Functions. In the first part we created the function app and the bot, now let’s hook them up.